Realflight Simulator

When using the realflight simulator it’s almost like having a real pro at your side. Being able to ask their advise at anytime and learn from their examples. Providing you with virtual instructors is one of the great features of realflight. Some of the top pilots in the world will talk you through the maneuvers and show you how they fly so you can learn for yourself how it’s done.

For the beginning pilot or those who would like to add a new maneuver to their collection, it would be far better to gain experience through the use of the simulator before trying it for real at the flying field. Learning maneuvers of simple take off and landings, to more advanced as in the four point roll, should be accomplished with a combination of simulator training and real flight training. First the simulator should be used to avoid, or at least recover quickly from incorrect inputs so as to avoid crashes. Once this is accomplished you can begin to fine tune your maneuvers between the flying field and the computer as you progress ever closer to making consistently correct inputs.

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Great Planes Realflight G5 Flight Simulator

Learning from a pilot who is better than you is a great training aid when advancing your skills. The multi player and competition modes will also be a part of your improvement. Another great thing about the realflight simulator is that when the weather is bad outside it’s perfect inside, or at least as perfect as you want it to be.  You have the ability to adjust the wind speed and direction as well as wind gusts. Many different sceneries are available to fly in, as well as night flying.

Realflight can be used as a tool for learning, teaching competing and even more advanced for designing and building. It is often used just for fun and to keep your skills honned for your rc controlled aircraft when you can’t get to the flying field for whatever reason.

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