Radio Controlled Planes

People have been flying radio controlled planes for over 75 years. The early planes were big and ran on gas powered engines which were difficult to fly. They had a one channel radio that controlled the rudder which made maneuvers quite difficult. Radio controlled planes have improved a great deal over these early models. There are now models small enough to be flown indoors. These airplanes are very maneuverable and bring hours of enjoyment. Flying RC planes can be fun for the whole family and can be started with a limited budget.

Radio controlled planes come in almost as many different models as real airplanes do. There are old bi-planes, fighters from World War 2, modern jet fighters, and even airliners with retractable landing gear. These planes are made of wood, aluminum, and even foam. Some of these planes are painted to look like certain models with decals added for realism. RC planes use different power sources to achieve flight. You will notice planes with gas engines, electric motors, and for those with a lot of experience and some custom building, even real turbines are powering some of these RC airplanes. These are very fast and are definitely not for beginners. When flying these planes you will need a lot of room free of obstacles. Not only should the ground be clear, your air space should be free of wires and trees as well. These can do a lot of damage to your plane.

Learning to fly on one of these can now be done without risking damage to your plane. There are flight simulators for RC planes available to be run on your computer. This gives you a chance to learn the basics from getting your plane off the ground to learning how to come down for a safe landing. Some of these simulators have great graphics and give you a sense of controlling the plane. This will give a you head start when taking your plane out for the first time. Among the most popular simulators available is the realflight simulator. On your first flight you will probably be a little nervous, but after a few minutes of practicing, you will be having so much fun that you will wonder why you never flew a RC plane before.

Indoor radio controlled planes are a lot different than their outdoor counterparts. These planes fly slow and can be flown in your living room, kitchen, and even your school gymnasium, with permission of course. These airplanes are quite small and are very lightweight. There are many different models available from tandem wing planes to ones that almost resemble a large insect. They can be flown outdoors but only if it is calm out. Even a little breeze will blow these miniatures around. These are best used as a back-up plane for when the weather is real bad and you cannot fly your regular plane.

The future of radio controlled planes should bring more advancement in control, longer flight times, and of course many more new models. They will be faster and more maneuverable at slow speeds. More competition events will appear and a lot more home built models that are capable of extreme maneuvers. This is a great hobby to get your family together for weekend events that might even turn into an everyday thing.

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