Parkzone ME 109

Parkzone brings to its fold another RC warbird which will turn everybody’s head around—the Messerschmitt Bf-109G or simply Parkzone Me 109. If you happen to love other Parkzone fighters which are equipped with 480 brushless outrunner motor, you’ll love the Me 109 with its more powerful 728Kv brushless motor. The Parkzone Me 109 closely resembles the original Messerschmitt in scale, reproduction, color scheme and even the landing gear doors. The Me 109 of World War II fame first came out of the production line in 1936 and had been instrumental in Germany’s effort until the close of World War II. Even after the war, the Me 109 had continued rolling out of factories and had served in many air forces around the world.

The Parkzone Me 109 comes in two models: the BNF or Bind N Fly which will allow RC pilots to use a wide array of DSM2 transmitters; and PNP or Plug N Play which will give you the freedom to choose your own battery, receiver and transmitter which has at least four channels. Assembly is as easy as attaching the one-piece foam wing to the fuselage, installing the three-blade propeller and its various components, and sliding the horizontal stabilizer in the slot in the rear fuselage. It is important that you charge the battery while you are assembling the pieces of the Me 109 so that you’ll be up and flying in no time at all.

Parkzone Me 109 rc airplane
ParkZone Messerschmitt Bf-109

When launching the Parkzone Me 109, you can choose to either hand-toss it or install the landing gears to take-off and land on pavements or short grass surfaces. It has been observed that getting airborne is a bit tricky as you need to have the proper speed to get the airplane off the ground; otherwise, you will see it flipping over. For smoother landing, it would be great to have the plane level before the gears touch the ground. If done with the nose dipping down, chances are it will also tumble on touchdown. With good practice, taking off and landing will be a breeze with the Parkzone Me 109, unlike its predecessor which had difficulty in both areas which resulted to a loss of about 30% of planes and pilots during the war.

Once in the air, the Me 109 is a beauty to watch and fly. Its speed is comparable to the RC Controlled Parkzone T-28. It has great acrobatic capabilities with various tricks up its sleeve. The power of this warbird makes barrel roll, axial roll, and loops almost effortless. If you are an experienced pilot, you can test the  Me 109’s aerobatic potentials with various stunts to get your adrenaline pumping. However, it is important to bear in mind not to fly this fighter plane too slowly or it will stall.

The 109 is surely high up in the air with other Parkzone RC airplanes which came off the production line. Its scaled look distinguishes it distinctly as one of the more famous fighter planes of the Second World War. The RC version’s handling, maneuverability and overall versatility will make anyone proud of owning this wonderful warbird. Seeing how the Parkzone Me 109 performs will be enough inspiration and motivation for neophytes to learn the tricks of the trade as fast as possible and earn a stripe on their sleeve to be able to fly this magnificent RC fighter plane.

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