Parkzone Corsair

The Parkzone Corsair is an adaptation of the F4U Corsair of World War II fame which brought victory to the Allied forces and destruction to enemy forces in the battlefield. Like its predecessor, the Parkzone Corsair is built with the distinct “inverted gull wing” which allowed the original warbird to take off easily from the deck of aircraft carriers and achieve maximum speed of 400 mph.
This RC controlled version of the Corsair is a ready-to-fly (RTF) warbird which comes in a kit which contains the wings, fuselage, propellers, batteries, transmitter, and an array of gadgets to get you up and running in no time. Assembly is as easy as bolting the parts into their appropriate locations. It also comes with a regular battery charger for home use and a car charger that can be plugged in the lighter/accessory socket, a very convenient accessory when you are in the field.

rc parkzone corsair
ParkZone F4U Corsair RTF

The complete kit includes:
• Wing with aileron servos installed and connected to ailerons
• Molded fuselage with motor, ESC, receiver and rudder & elevator servos installed
• 3 blade and two blade propellers
• 3-cell Lipoly 1800mAh battery pack
• Charger with car accessory plug for recharging battery pack
• Spektrum DX5e 2.4GHz full range transmitter
• Spektrum AR500 5-channel full range receiver
• 4 AA Alkaline Batteries for the transmitter
• Landing gear and wing skids for the plane
• Instruction manuals for plane and radio system

You can choose to install the wheels for take-off and landing or just hand toss the Corsair to get it in the air. Observers have noted that the Corsair looks better in the air without the wheels, but that will be your own personal preference. Either way, you will surely off to a good day of flying. One hobbyist, though, has mistakenly interchanged the wheels with left going to the right and vice versa which resulted to a little hitch during landing. When taking off, make sure to do a little adjustment as the plane may veer to the right due to motor torque. Landing the warbird may be a bit challenging as it has a tendency to bounce a little.
Up in the air, the Parkzone Corsair is a joy to watch. It can perform turns smoothly and execute figure 8s with ease. With a masterful control, you will be able to do some acrobatics like the ones performed by this mighty plane during the war. When flying the Corsair, you can either use a two-blade or a three-blade propeller which both come in the pack. However, flight tests conducted on the plane have the two-blade performing better in climbs and speed, while the three-blade prop provides more stability in flight. Aerobatic maneuvers can be done with either type of prop, but the two-blade comes out more defined when it comes to rolls, loops, inverted flights and other maneuvers.
One little manufacturing glitch observed is the mount screw which may protrude and come in contact with the flight battery which can cause everything to go haywire. However, this can easily be remedied by using a smaller screw (2.5 x 6 mm) or by simply cutting off the excess length. The Parkzone Corsair is really in a class of its own when it comes to RC planes. Its every detail is almost the exact replica of the legendary Corsair. It assembles and is off the ground in minutes and flies wonderfully in the air.

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