Hobbyzone Super Cub

When searching for a remote-controlled airplane, serious hobbyists can look up to the Hobbyzone Super Cub for various reasons. This well designed plane gets the attention of many as it brings back memories of the good old days of flying. It is well built and scaled to the real one, making the RC version almost an exact copy of the original. But more than just the looks, the Cub is ideal for those who are just starting to learn how to fly RC models.

Contrary to claims of experienced RC pilots, the Hobbyzone Super Cub fits the bill of a trainer airplane. It comes out of the box almost ready to fly; all you need to do is charge the battery which comes with the package, set the AA batteries into the transmitter, and you are off flying in no time. It even comes with a DC charger and a wall charger, giving you more versatility when getting ready fly. And if you own a Firebird RC, you are in for a bigger treat as this plane’s battery pack can be used with the Cub.

The excitement of flying begins when you see Cub roll down the runway and take off. For this you can choose a flat pavement or set off on a lawn with a two-week grass growth. It is powerful enough to lift of the ground within 40 feet and can maintain a climbing rate of 35 to 40 degrees without bogging down.

rc super cub airplane
Hobbyzone Super Cub RTF

Once airborne, you will see what the Hobbyzone Super Cub is really made of. The Cub comes with a 3-channel transmitter for easier handling. With mechanism to handle pitch control and throttle separately, even a beginner will feel like an ace pilot maneuvering the plane up in the air. With its built-in anti-crash technology or ACT, first time pilots will avert unnecessary accidents brought about by unfamiliarity with the controls. The ACT serves as an auto-pilot to keep the Cub consistently parallel to the ground. The Super Cub, however, is not built for aerobics flying, but you can throw in some spins and turns with ease. It is so well designed that it can fly in a wind speed of up to 15 mph, considering the fact that it only has a rudder and an elevator.

On landings, the Hobbyzone Super Cub can be guided to gently land on its own. Maintain a little power just before touching down, then turn the switch off just before landing and the Cub will glide its way to a perfect touchdown. Just don’t land on areas where the grass has grown tall enough to catch on the wheels because this may cause your Cub to flip.

For assemblers of rc controlled airplanes, putting in the great characteristics of a model plane can sometimes be challenging. With the Hobbyzone Super Cub, you’ll get an airplane model which resembles the real one to a tee, is easy to assemble and use even for beginners, and comes with an affordable price tag for a plane with a number of great features.

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