Hobbyzone Champ

If you would like to learn how to fly rc airplanes and have some exiting fun then you need to get the hobbyzone champ. If you have never flown an rc airplane before then the champ will be just perfect for you. The champ is very easy to fly and control since it is lightweight and expertly crafted. So even if you’re a beginner you still can be able to learn and fly the airplane like a professional in a vey short period of time.

The champ works on the same radio system that is used by experienced rc pilots all around the world. With this in place you can rest assured that you will enjoy pure freedom when you fly as you will not be disturbed by interferences. Additional this lightweight sturdy rc airplane has a lot of power which makes flying it much easier than other models.

Hobbyzone Champ rc airplane
Champ RTF

Because of the power that this plane has you can take off in no time with ease. When cruising you will have to cut back on power though unless you know how to handle this at high power levels. Even if you have to crash a few times you will experience very minor if any damages to your hobbyzone champ as it is well built.

Even experienced rc pilots have been saying that this is one of the best planes they have flown. It has a great amount of power, great handling and it is lightweight. The color makes it easy to see and navigate in the sky. Landing and taking off should be quite easy once you familiarize yourself with the airplane. Just don’t try to drive it around on the ground as that probably will not work out for you but flying it is awesome. Crash it a few times and you’ll still be able to fly again.

The champ rc controlled airplane is the best in value for the beginner. You will not find another plane that can do all these things and still be as strong as the hobbyzone champ. Fly around anywhere. Make a few crashes. Have some fun. If you want to start flying rc planes and having fun then the champ is where you need to start. Get yours today and start to have the fun and excitement that comes with flying rc planes.

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