Extra 330L

Extra 330L 50cc

This is definitely a cool plane. The extra 330L 50cc is one well build and sturdy plane. It is great looking too. There are no surprises in the simple build having a pull pull setup for the rudder and pinned hinges. The wheels are a bit small for grass take off and landings so you may want to change them for some larger ones.

Many people who use this plane have had no complaints about it. You will have a whole heap of fun flying this plane. When using a 14-6 prop with the os .61 it is very responsive. It is fast with rolls and does loops well. Click on the icon below to get yours today!

Extra 330L 50cc RC Airplane

RC Controlled Extra 330L ARF 50cc

Extra 330L 80cc

The 330L 80cc can do many things because of its light weight. It can successfully perform tail first landings with nose high and with minimal rollout. AIC maneuvers are also great. Fast spins and rolls are also a part of what this lightweight giant can do. With the this airplane  it has been said that the high alpha KE is possible but very slow and the 3D maneuvers blenders are the easiest.

This is a wonderful giant to have some fun with. It’s also pretty lightweight for its size. Now with such a big model you would probably expect that it will be consuming a lot of gas but with the extra 330L that is not the case. Overall this rc controlled plane is of great quality. It is securely packed and puts together very easily. It also has a wonderful paint scheme. Good looks, lightweight and power all nestled in one great plane. Click on the icon below to get yours today!

RC Controlled Extra Airplane

Extra-330L 80 cc Gas Engine Power Aerobatic RC Airplane