RC Controlled

There are many models to choose from in the rc controlled hobby. Those of you who are just beginning may be wondering which type of vehicle may be most enjoyable to you. Among the most popular models available are as follows:

RC Aircraft

Airplanes and Helicopters are the most popular of the radio controlled models. The types of models are in three groups:

  • Kits which require assembly.
  • Arfs which require only a little assembly.
  • Rtfs which do not require assembly.

The less expensive kits may require the purchase of tools, glue, radio gear and a power system. It would be best to have a workbench to layout the plans and building materials. Working on the kitchen table while gluing and cutting the pieces of the model could become a messy job.

The more desirable Arfs ( Almost ready to fly ) have been mostly assembled and covered for you. You’ll need to install the power system and the radio gear prior to the bolting or gluing of the tail surfaces and assembling the wing. Gluing the wing halves together is usually not required as a metal joiner rod is most often used.

The very popular and most desirable are the Rtfs ( Ready to  fly ) which come fully assembled and include everything you need to get your aircraft in the air. Although you may need to charge the battery and attach the detachable wing everything else is done for you.

The most beneficial tool for the rc controlled aircraft hobbyist is the computer flight simulator. This will save you many crashes and repairs of your model. The most popular of these is the . Just as the name suggest the simulator feels very near the real thing, as you are using a transmitter just like the real radio transmitter you use when flying your model and the models on the computer screen respond to your control inputs just as your real model does. This provides a very good training aid in the exercise of muscle memory which will serve you well in avoiding annoying crashes which may be expensive as well.

RC Cars

Monster Trucks, Trucks and off road buggies are included in the RC Car groups which are Kits and Rtrs ( Ready to run ). Here again the Rtrs are the most popular and preferred most by the beginner and intermediate hobbyist. The electric Rc car is quiet, clean with low maintenance and most affordable. Nitro models are a little more expensive but are sometimes preferred because they seem more realistic.

RC Boats

Monster trucks and powerful helis may seem to be the thrill of the rc controlled but there are also thrills in the wakes of the powerful rc boats. Although racing boats seem to be the most popular There are many who enjoy the scale models, These models include container ships, ocean liners, Military Ships and many others.